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Who are we?

We (aforetime) are a jewellery company based in Norwich, Norfolk. We seek out vintage bits of jewellery that are broken or have been rejected and we use them to inspire us to make new, bold pieces. We often add other elements to our jewellery along with the vintage bits such as bones, gemstones or toys. Depending on what we have in stock we make themed collections that follow the seasons and fashion.

Commissions are available and we can pretty much turn our hand to anything. Whether you just want to adjust something we already have or fwould like us to create something new out of YOUR old pieces or bits of jewellery we will always do our best for you. 

Collections : 

V.U.C.R - Vintage UpCycle Range ∆

This is the general term we use for our jewellery as it encompasses everything we make and is true to what we do. 

Eventhough a lot of our stuff is made sporadically from whatever we have in at the time we try to focus some of our pieces around themes, as below. 

Darwin's Curiosities ∆

This collection  is influenced by that curiosity we have in nature and the way Darwin, the Victorians and our child self , explored and savoured it. It has a very Gothic, macabre twist to it that is also added to this the elegant vintage style creating a lovely juxtaposition. We search and have others searching for any natural curiosity and then we bottle it. All our elements are ethically sourced. Bones come from owl pellets and feathers from moulting birds.  

My Kryptonite ∆ 

This collection lets out the hippy in us. We find, mostly raw, crystals and use them as the centre  piece for our jewellery. We will then usually mix these crystals with other vintage bits to create  tactile , dreamy pieces. 

Toy Story ∆

This is a fun collection that uses vintage toys. We create both bold and subtle pieces out of these old  played with toys; painting them, cutting them about or adding them to a classic vintage piece. We are always finding new ways to play. 

Under the Sea ∆

Our favourite eras are the 30s and 60s and we use these classic styles along with our love for the sea to create a collection for the beach life. Expect to see seashells, mermaids and seahorses.