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Product Care

General Care for  repurposed products

Our products are made from vintage and upcycled elements so parts of the jewellery have already been worn. Even though we carefully select our bits they could already have some wear as that is part of their character, being vintage. Protect your jewellery by keeping it stored in a cool, dry place & out of direct sunlight. If you wish to clean up any metal elements we would suggest using a type specific metal clearing product and soft cloth or silver cloth, shop here.  Make sure you do not wear any of your jewellery in water i.e in the bath, doing the washing up etc as this could dissolve the glue we use. 


All our bottles are made from glass so obviously will break under force. Please just be aware of how you wear and store your pieces. If you have purchased any of our bubble/ dome glass jewellery we would suggest that you wear them occasionally and not in any situation where it may be a little rough on them or where it could be hit it as glass may pop out or break. 

Darwin's Curiosities

Even though bones are hardy they still need care. Bones are a natural material and therefore will wear with time. Our  bones are cleaned and bleached, sprayed with a protective layer and some are painted. This helps to prolong their life. If you have loose bones please be aware that these could bash against each other causing them to break down, so please take care on how you wear your jewellery. Keep in cool, dry location out of direct sunlight 


All our earring findings are bought new to reduce the risk of infection. However, it is always a wise idea to disinfect before first use. Hot water or alcohol should do the trick.